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Our Lawyers Will Defend Your Legal Rights After Wrecks, Workplace Accidents and in Employment Law Claims

Hurt in a car accident? Suffered a bicycle injury while cycling in Denver? Need work accident compensation after an on the job injury in New Mexico? Our attorneys fight to win the financial recoveries these and other clients deserve.

Lawyer William McBride and the nationwide law firm of William McBride Law Group are prepared to fight for the justice and accident compensation you and your family need to protect your livelihoods. Since watching his own family fall victim to a rent-to-own scam as a 10-year-old child, personal injury attorney William McBride has dedicated his legal career to helping individuals and families who have suffered unimaginable harm throughout Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Washington..

Attorneys Fighting to Win Fair Compensation with the Experience to Succeed

The lawyers of William McBride Law Group hold over 45 years combined experience in a broad range of personal injury practice areas, from motorcycle crashes, brain injury lawsuits to defective product claims. Our  lawyers understand that each client’s story is unique, and we approach every personal injury lawsuit using the full measure of our diverse experience, skill set and qualifications.

Our  attorneys are also dedicated to finding the solutions our clients deserve. With offices in Orlando and Tampa, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington  our attorneys are local and nearby when you need us. We are prepared to assert your right to gain accident compensation for the physical, financial and emotional losses you and your family have suffered.

Lawyers in Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington Ready to Help

Our lawyers believe every person has the right to go about their lives without suffering harm due to another person’s negligence. When someone or business violates this right because of an accident, we will fight for justice on your behalf.

Although financial compensation cannot heal the physical wounds of a personal injury, the last thing you should have to worry about is how you will afford the medical bills after an accident. Speak with our personal injury attorneys to file a personal injury claim after you or someone you love is involved in the following:

Serious Injury Accident? Working Hard for Individuals and Families in Brain, Spinal Cord and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Catastrophic events, such as brain injury lawsuits, wrongful death lawsuits and spinal injury lawsuits, require nothing less than dedicated brain injury lawyers, wrongful death lawyers and spinal injury lawyers. The attorneys of William McBride Law Group are qualified to represent you or your family member in the event of the following:

Every case is unique, and every potential claim requires a careful review by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Speak with our attorneys for a free consultation if you have questions regarding filing a wrongful death lawsuit, filing a brain injury claim or gaining accident compensation for a spinal injury after a devastating crash leaves you and your family.

Injured at Work? Personal Injury Lawyers Offering Experienced Legal Help After Workplace Accidents

A workplace accident injury compromises your physical health, work life, home life and finances. Whether you are claiming workers’ compensation or pursuing legal action against negligent third parties, our work accident lawyers have the experience you need after:

Do Premises Liability Laws in Florida, New Mexico and Colorado Cover My Injury? Ask Our Personal Injury Attorneys

All Florida, New Mexico and Colorado property owners or landlords must ensure their premises (land and buildings) are safe and hazard-free. If they fail in this obligation, they can be held liable for the personal injuries they cause under premises liability laws.

You may be able to pursue legal action in a premises liability claim if you or a family member suffered severe injuries or fatal accidents involving:

If you feel you may have a premises liability case, our personal injury lawyers can review your case in a free consultation. During this confidential discussion, we can provide you with the legal help you need after suffering damages because of dangerous property.

Employment Law Attorneys Serving in and around Orlando, Albuquerque and Denver

Every worker in America has employee rights, regardless of their legal status. If you have been denied wages guaranteed to you by law, contact our employment law office at 1 (800) 377-6000. Our employment lawyers are prepared to fight to protect your employee rights if your employer has failed to:

Need a Spanish-Speaking Lawyer? Call Our 24/7 Legal Help Hotline

Although legal action may not be able to undo the suffering you have experienced, you may able to gain accident compensation to ease your ongoing burdens and support your family. This can cover the cost of medical treatments, rehabilitation, lost wages, lost job benefits, disability and the suffering that resulted from your injuries.

Speak with our personal injury attorneys to explore your options for legal action. The initial consultation is confidential and free of charge. Our personal injury attorneys and Spanish-speaking lawyers can help you make the very best decisions for your future.